Light Up A Life

Established in 1989, the Light Up A Life service was first held in the Lobby of Wilson Memorial Hospital. Over the years, attendance at this event grew so that it first moved to the Wilson Memorial Hospital Board Room, then to the Hospital Cafeteria and from there to Sidney Holiday Inn. Eventually this location could no longer accommodate the number of guests so for the last several years Light Up a Life has been held at The Monarch Community Center – The Cameo.

In 1999, Light Up A Life was expanded to include the entire community rather than only those who had family members pass through Hospice.

Since inception to December 2015 Light Up A Life has raised nearly $270,000.

This year the Life Up A Life Celebration ceremony will be held on November 13, 2016 and will again be at The Monarch Commuity Center.

1:00 pm Pre-Service Fellowship
2:00 Light Up A Life Ceremony

For more information please contact Karla Young, Executive Director at or (937) 498-5572, or Deanna Kindell, Foundation Coordinator at or (937) 498-5540.