2008 Friends of Wilson Reception

Wednesday, May 21 marked the fifth annual Friends of Wilson reception where nearly 200 guests were welcomed at Shelby Oaks.

The reception is held each year to extend the hospital’s appreciation to traditional donors who have given a substantial donation to the Foundation as well as formally recognize members of the Wilson Society. To become a member of The Wilson Society, couples and individuals declare their intention to include Wilson Memorial Hospital in their estate plans.

This year’s reception included a special wine and cheese tasting where guests had the opportunity to taste a variety of different wines along with specialty cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. The Ron Meyer Quartet provided music and artwork on display was by various local artists.

Those welcomed into the Wilson Society this year include: Don and Lois Fogt, Bill and Miriam Fry, Richard and Linda Scott, Dr. Randall and Roxanne Welsh, and one who chose to remain anonymous. There are also two who are joining posthumously: Ray F. Michael and Sarah C. Pence. Since the Wilson Society began five years ago, a total of 54 members have named Wilson as beneficiary for the healthcare needs of future generations in Shelby County.

Bonnie Faulkner, executive director of the Foundation, welcomed guests to the event. “I would like to thank each of you for coming to this special event held in your honor,” she said. “I hope you all leave this evening having had a great time and feel a sense of pride in the role you have played in making Wilson Memorial the strong, viable hospital that it is today.”

Tom Boecker, president & CEO of the hospital, discussed the importance of Wilson to the community. “Over the last several years we have experienced a great deal of success at Wilson due to strong community support,” he said. “I am optimistic about the future of our hospital,” adding that Wilson is an up-to-date and well-equipped facility with a very dedicated hospital and medical staff. “I encourage you to consider being a member of the Wilson Society by including Wilson Memorial Hospital in your estate planning. It is with your generous contributions that we will continue to fund services and equipment to ensure the long-term success of your community hospital.”

Dan Bensman, newly-elected Foundation board chairman offered coments from his perspective. “It is a privilege to be a part of Wilson Memorial Hospital and to have the opportunity to serve as chairman of the Foundation board,” he said to those in attendance. “At one time or another members of the community have used the services of the Hospital, whether through an emergency room visit, testing, in-patient care, out-patient surgery or home health and hospice.” he added. “Regardless of your personal experience, we have all benefited by having a strong, viable healthcare system nearby when it was needed.”

“I am no different,” said Bensman. “In fact, I was born at Wilson Memorial Hospital over forty-two years ago and Wilson Memorial Hospital continued to be there for me throughout my upbringing. My parents took me to Wilson on numerous occasions so that the Hospital could stitch me back together after the normal accidents and mishaps that are a part of growing up,” he said.

“Wilson is also an important part of the next generation of my family,” he added. “All three of my children were born at Wilson Memorial, and I take comfort in the fact that the Hospital will be there to provide for their future healthcare needs as it has for me over the years.”

New inductees into the Wilson Society, Bill Fry, Richard Scott, and Dr. Randall Welsh offered testimonials of support for Wilson Memorial Hospital by giving to the Foundation through donations and planned gifts.

“I moved to Sidney from Pennsylvania 50 years ago and we are glad we can call Ohio our home,” said Fry. “We have been involved in our church and many other organizations and can truly say that Wilson Memorial Hospital has greatly benefited us in our golden years.” He added that becoming a Wilson Society member will continue to help the hospital provide quality care now and for the future.”

Dr. Welsh provided his words of support for the hospital through becoming a Wilson Society member. “Both Roxanne and I have each been the beneficiary of the competent, compassionate care at Wilson Memorial Hospital,” said Dr. Welsh. “I have had the privilege to intimately observe the quality care provided at the hospital and we are intent upon doing our small part to perpetuate this excellent healthcare system.”

Following Dr. Welsh, Richard Scott told the crowd why he and his wife have chosen to include Wilson Memorial Hospital in their estate plans. “I first saw Wilson Memorial Hospital in 1976 when I was recruited to Sidney to join Ferguson Construction Company and was impressed with the new facility and both Linda and I agreed that Sidney was indeed a growing and prosperous community.” He said he was honored to have been a member of the hospital board for nine years and then served on the Wilson Foundation board after that. “Through these somewhat intimate experiences I have come to highly appreciate the caring and quality that is shown in every endeavor that Wilson undertakes.”

After noting that not only he, but several other family members, have used the hospital over the years, he told those present that the doctors and nurses in the emergency department at Wilson twice over the past six years helped keep him alive. “They earned my gratitude for their work,” he said, noting that he and his wife have been to many hospitals and Wilson not only offers the most compassionate care, but it is also offers a clean and modern environment. “I have always believed that Wilson Memorial Hospital was one of the most important assets for our community and I know that Sidney would not be nearly as great a community without it. I urge all of you here to consider adding Wilson to your estate plans.”