Wilson’s New Cardiac Cath Lab Announced at Friends of Wilson Reception 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 8:00pm

The ninth annual Friends of Wilson Reception was held on Tuesday evening, May 8, at Shelby Oaks. The event was hosted by the Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation and attendees included those who have given a substantial donation to the Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation.  

The event is held each year as an opportunity to thank traditional donors as well as formally recognize members of the Wilson Society. To become a member of the Wilson Society, couples and individuals declare their intention to include Wilson Memorial Hospital in their estate plans.

There were nearly 150 guests in attendance who were among the first in the community to receive the latest information on Wilson Memorial’s new cardiac catheterization lab. 

Bonnie Faulkner, executive director of the Wilson Memorial Foundation, welcomed guests to the event. “The Friends of Wilson reception is a demonstration of our sincere thanks and appreciation of your continued support of Wilson Memorial Hospital. Because of generous donations from you and many others like you, Wilson Memorial has always grown to meet the needs of our community.” 

Faulkner continued, “This strength allows Wilson to continue to evaluate and expand the hospital’s services and, as a result, provide even better care to our patients. In a few moments, you will be among the very first to hear a brief presentation on the newest service available at Wilson Memorial – the new cardiac cath lab.”Faulkner next introduced Tom Boecker, president and CEO of Wilson Memorial, who recognized and thanked the members of the Hospital and Foundation Boards who were present.  

Boecker began by providing the audience with an update on Wilson Memorial’s physician recruiting efforts stating that, “We have been very successful in recruiting physicians for our Wilson Care OB/BGYN practice with the addition of Dr. Cecelia Banga last August; Dr. Julie Ressler, as of yesterday; and Dr. Kristi Peddler who was locum since January will be staying with Wilson on a part-time basis. Also, we have been fortunate to add several nurse practitioners to our staff in urgent care, pediatrics and Wilson Care Inc.” 

Boecker continued stating, “Wilson’s recent customer enhancements have been the opening of the Botkins office; an urgent care; relocation of the laboratory drawing station; and the reconfiguration that is in process for the emergency department triage and waiting areas. We are all very excited about Wilson Memorial’s newest service to be implemented next month - the re-establishment of a Cardiac Cath/Interventional Lab.  

Wilson’s highly skilled Cardiac Team was presented: Dr. Mehran Arabpour – Co-Medical Director; Dr. Harvey Hahn – Co-Medical Director; Bobbie McClinton – Cardiac Service Line Director; Carol Johnston – Cardiac Cath Lab Manager; Brian Scheid – Registered Cardiovascular Technologist; Mandy Inskeep, RN; Sabina Mescher, RN; Daniella Tangeman, RN; and Jill Nagel, Radiology Technologist.

Boecker then introduced Carol Johnston, Cardiac Cath Lab Manager, who explained the assessment that led to Wilson’s developing a low risk diagnostic cardiac cath lab. Johnston stated, “80% of the heart catheterization procedures that are being performed on patients within our communities meet certain criteria to be considered low risk and can be done at Wilson Memorial with the implementation of a cardiac cath/interventional lab service. Our goal with the opening of the cath lab is to allow patients to stay close to home for their diagnostic cardiac healthcare needs.” Johnston also explained the capabilities and services of the cath lab and enhancements to Wilson Memorial’s repertoire of services available to the community. 

Johnston went on to share the reasoning for re-establishment of the cath lab at Wilson Memorial stating, “Some of you may recall that Wilson Memorial performed cardiac cath procedures in the past. In 2007 we came to a point where we needed to invest in our cath lab and purchase new medical equipment. At that time, the government was considering mandates requiring hospitals to perform a certain number of cases to remain open. Due to high equipment costs and these regulatory guidelines, Wilson Memorial made a business decision to voluntarily stop providing cath lab services. Since then, we have focused on developing partnerships with two premier cardiology groups in the area and our physician support stronger than ever.” 

The combination of the strong alliance with our physicians, an aging population and rise of heart disease made clear the need to elevate Wilson Memorial to a higher level of service. 

Wilson’s skilled team of cardiologists and technologists is dedicated to providing top-quality care to their patients in a state-of-the-art facility. Wilson Memorial made a significant commitment of $1.5 million to ensure that the cath lab was equipped with the highest quality equipment available.  The demolition is complete and the renovation and installation of the new lab located in the outpatient surgery area has begun with the opening date for the cath lab set for early June. 

Johnston then invited Brian Scheid, Registered Cardiovascular Technologist, to the podium who clarified what exactly is a cardiac cath/interventional lab. Scheid explained, “Diagnostic cardiac catheterization (or a heart cath) is the insertion of a catheter into a chamber or vessel of the heartDuring a cardiac catheterization, interventional cardiologists thread a thin catheter through blood vessels and into the coronary arteries. Using digital imaging, they look for signs of heart disease and determine the size and location of fat and calcium deposits that may narrow the openings in the arteries.” 

Co-medical directors, Dr. Mehran Arabpour and Dr. Harvey Hahn shared their views on the cath lab and the value it brings to Wilson Memorial.  

Dr. Arabpour said, “Having a local diagnostic lab means patients can be evaluated as soon as possible for signs of a cardiac event, such as strange chest or arm pain or shortness of breath, without making a trip to a distant facility. With the opening of the cardiac cath lab, cardiologists, like me, can perform leading-edge procedures on the patients we see and treat in the Shelby County area. 

Dr. Hahn offered his support saying, “A true multi-disciplinary Cardiac Cath Lab offers an invaluable addition to the physicians with enhanced insight and increased confidence when treating cardiovascular conditions and vascular disease. While Wilson Memorial currently offers various cardiac diagnostic services, the addition of the new catheterization unit will provide state-of-the-art digital imaging for cardiology and interventional procedures which are currently being performed at other hospital facilities.” 

Dr. Arabpour is a physician with the Heart Institute of Northwest Ohio, Inc. Dr. Hahn is a physician with the Sidney Cardiology team.  

Tom Boecker next introduced Ken Monnier, Chair of the Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation Board. Monnier stated, “We’re also here tonight to celebrate our Wilson Society members, many of whom are here with us this evening. Tonight, we celebrate the addition of our newest member of the Wilson Society. This member has opted to remain anonymous, but this brings our Wilson Society total to 65 members and our 50th member since 2004. He continued, “I hope you share our tremendous sense of pride in Wilson Memorial and the significant role that each of you have played in making Wilson the strong, viable hospital that it is today. If you have any questions about the Wilson Society, cath lab, or the hospital in general, please contact the Foundation office at any time.” 

The Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation exists solely to contribute to the financial support and betterment of Wilson Memorial Hospital. In doing so, the Foundation assists in maintaining and enhancing patient care services by providing funding for the purchase of essential technology and enhancing services. For more information about giving to the Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation, please call Bonnie Faulkner at (937) 498-5575.