Bequest Language

Examples of official bequest language for Wilson Health Foundation are:

To leave a tax-deductible gift to the Wilson Health Foundation for the benefit of Wilson Health in your will, consider the following:

I leave and bequeath unto the Wilson Health Foundation, the sum of $____, or ___percent of my estate (or specific securities or other property). Said Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation (Federal ID number 52-1771615), organized under the laws of the state of Ohio, with administrative offices at 915 West Michigan Street, Sidney, Ohio 45365. This gift is unrestricted for general Foundation purposes.

When we are informed of your planned gift intentions, we recognize you as members of the Wilson Society.

For more information please contact Karla Young, Executive Director, at (937) 498-5572, or Jenny Huelskamp, Foundation Marketing Liaison, at (937) 498-5540.

This information is not intended as financial or legal advice. For financial or legal advice, please consult your financial advisor or attorney.