Tribute or Memorial

A memorial gift is a gift made at the death of an individual and benefits a charitable organization selected by the deceased or the deceased's family or friends.

"In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Specified Organization," is a memorial designation often seen in an obituary. Such gifts often benefit Wilson Health Hospice Care especially if the deceased was a Hospice Patient. Memorial donations may also be made to the Wilson Health General Endowment Fund, which provides funding for all of Wilson Health and its entities.

The Wilson Health Foundation acknowledges all gifts received that either honor or memorialize an individual (living or deceased) by a letter to the donor. Then, at the end of each month, a letter and accompanying listing of all who donated in memory of their loved one is sent to the next of kin. The list includes the donor’s name and address, but does not include the amount of the gift.


A listing sample is below:

Donations received in memory of: Jane Smith

Mr. & Mrs. John Doe
1 Main St
Anywhere, Ohio 44444

Miss Lisa Doe
1 Where St
Anywhere, Ohio 44444

For more information please contact Deanna Kindell, Foundation Coordinator at or (937) 498-5540.