The legal and practical definition of an endowment is a fund that is created, often by gift or bequest from a decedent’s estate, for the maintenance of a public institution.

A true endowment consists of funds that are permanently set aside to generate income for a nonprofit. The principal of this fund may not be spent.

The Wilson Health Foundation has just such an endowment fund to perpetually support Wilson Health. The corpus has been invested and is closely managed by the Investment Committee so that the endowment fund continues to grow. The Growth and Distribution Policy governs any and all distributions made from this fund. Each year the Foundation Board, with recommendation from the Investment Committee, determines the growth necessary for the fund prior to any distributions being made.

The intent is that the proceeds from the Foundation’s General Endowment Fund eventually are sufficient to meet the Hospital’s major annual capital requirements.

The Wilson Society was established to assist with the growth of the general endowment fund. The Wilson Society members are those who have made a commitment to include the hospital in their estate planning.

In addition, annually, the proceeds from the 1930 Club, Golf Outing and Foundation Ball are channeled into the General Endowment Fund as another means of increasing the fund balance.

For more information please contact Karla Young, Executive Director, Wilson Health Foundation, at kyoung@wilsonhealth.org or (937) 498-5572.

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