Hospital Board

Dear Friends of Wilson,

Strong commitment from the people of Shelby County is what enabled the formation of Wilson Memorial Hospital in 1930. That continued commitment of people like you has helped develop the hospital into the successful organization that it is today.

We are blessed to have a vibrant and viable hospital that provides a wide range of services to our community. Wilson Health is a vital component in the economic success of our area, and it continues to thrive because of the tremendous support of our area citizens.
The sole purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial assistance to Wilson Health, helping to assure that Wilson continues to meet its mission in serving our citizens. All money committed to the Foundation remains local and is used to further the Wilson Health vision and values.
In contributing to the Foundation, you are not only investing in the future of our hospital but in the future of our community as a whole. Through your continued generosity, we will leave a legacy for our children so that they, too, will benefit from the continued availability of local health care services.
I thank you sincerely for your continued support.
President & CEO
Wilson Health 


2017 - 2018 Hospital Board Trustees

Ralph F. Keister, III, Chair
Andrew D. Counts, Vice Chair
Dr. Charles J. Edelen, Secretary
Priscilla J. Wilt, Treasurer

Devon A. Beer
Janice Benanzer
John Deeds
Mark J. Dooley
Dr. Robert J. McDevitt, Jr.
Thomas P. Milligan


Kenneth J. Monnier
Dr. Eric Prenger
Thomas E. Sheehan, Jr.
Jason L. Stiver
Tonya K. Thieman
Robert H. Wheeler


 Past Hospital Board Members

Robert B. Anderson, Jr.     
John E. Beigel, O.D.
Dr. John O. Beigel, Sr.
Walter L. Bennett
Daniel A. Bensman
Stephen W. Blatchly, M.D. 
Edward L. Borchers, II
Kenneth F. Bosslet, D.O.
Bruce D. Boyd
Therman E. Chiles*
Linda K. Coffman
Derek Coomber
R. Stanley Crosley
Gerald L. Doerger
John A. Dunlap
Daniel U. Dunson
Philip A. Edwards, D.O. 
Eugene P. Elsass*
Marilyn R. Elsass
Larry E. Elsner
Donald Flinn
Don R. Fogt*
J. Daniel Francis
Thomas V. Francis*
Richard R. Frantz
John M. Garmhausen
Martin L. Given
Donald C. Goettemoeller
Lawrence G. Gold
Frederick R. Haussman III, M.D.
Gregory E. Helman
J. Richard Henke

Scott J. Hinsch, Jr.
Mary Lou Holly
Larry Jutte
Ralph F. Keister, II
James F. Kerg, Sr.*
Raymond P. Koenig
Sharon Kramer
Arthur W. Maurer
Diane R. Meyer
Robert J. Miller, M.D. 
Thomas B. Middleton, Jr.
Patrick H. Milligan*
David J. Monnier
Enrique Montana, M.D. 
Michael M. Puckett
Jeff A. Raible
Dr. Patricia A. Ross
Herb H. Schlater*
Kenneth H. Schlater
Richard L. Scott
Thomas E. Shoemaker 
Michael L. Stark, D.O.
Clara E. Steinke
Thomas J. Sutton
Bruce C. Urbanc, D.O.*
Carol Verhoff
Robert L. Zielsdorf
Robert K. Zimmerman, Ph. D.



*denotes deceased