Foundation Board

The Wilson Heath Foundation is very fortunate to have the fine men and women listed below serving as members of the Wilson Health Foundation Board.

In addition to being community-minded citizens, they are your friends and family and, on occasion, patients at Wilson Health. As such, they have your best interests at heart and work diligently giving not only financially, but also generously of their time and expertise, to ensure that the Wilson Health Foundation is governed to the very best of their ability.


It is an honor to offer remarks on behalf of the Wilson Health Foundation, an organization that for more then 80 years has dedicated it’s efforts to supporting and enhancing the Wilson Hospital’s healthcare mission. 

Our Board is comprised of business, civic, academic, medical and philanthropic leaders who volunteer their time and resources in an effort to strengthen the Hospital’s position as the best healthcare institution in the area. We are about to embark on the largest project in our Foundation’s history. We are starting a campaign to bring a cancer treatment facility to Shelby County. Our county has a cancer mortality rate 17% higher than the national average, with breast cancer mortality 27% higher and colon cancer mortality 61% higher.
These figures give us a clear goal, to bring a cancer treatment center to our region. 

To our Donors, words cannot express the depth of our gratitude. Your steadfast support, in good times and in bad, has made an immeasurable impact on the lives of the people in this Community. As we continue forward, we remain grateful to the Community for it’s generosity and support, and the opportunity to work together to ensure quality health care and services for all of us at “our” Community Hospital.

Vance A. Stewart





Current Foundation Board Members

Vance A. Stewart, Chair
Tony D. Arnold, Chair Elect 
Thomoas B. Middleton, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer 
Mark J. Dooley, CEO of Wilson Health
Karla Young, Executive Director

Tony D. Arnold
John M. Deeds
Mark J. Dooley
Timothy J. Gleason
Barri J. Grandey
Mickey Hamer
Dr. Barbara A. Hill
Rhonda E. Keister
Joseph A. Lachey
Michael W. Lochard

Thomas R. Martin
Thomas B. Middleton, Jr.
Aaron M. Sargeant
Keith T. Schnippel
Dr. Valerie Schulte
Brandon F. Simon
Chad T. Sollmann
Vance A. Stewart
Michael T. Watkins


Past Foundation Board Members

Robert S. Anthony D.D.S.
Douglas L. Barhorst
Devon Beer
Walter L. Bennett
Daniel A. Bensman
Don Bensman*
Bruce D. Boyd
Andrew D. Counts
Bruce J. Dickman
W. Michael Dodds
Gerald L. Doerger
Daniel U. Dunson
Charles J. Edelen, D.D.S.
Barbara J. Ferree
Carol Fisher
J. Daniel Francis
Thomas V. Francis*
John M. Garmhausen
Frank A. Gilardi, Jr.
Russell L. Gottemoeller
Mary Grieves
Frederick R. Haussman III, M.D.
Cynthia S. Helman
Sally F. Hull*
Mitchell G. Kastein
Raymond P. Koenig
Roger L. Lentz

Katherine A. McDevitt
Diane R. Meyer
Thomas P. Milligan
Robert J. Miller, M.D.
Kenneth J. Monnier
Paul Perin
Dale E. Peterson
Herb H. Schlater*
Kenneth H. Schlater
Kathleen F. Schmidt
Lloyd W. Schroer
Richard L. Scott
Phyllis Seving
Thomas E. Shoemaker
Gay E. Smith
Dennis W.Sollmann
Douglas Stewart
Rose M. Swiger
Virginia Taubken*
Tonya K. Thieman
Betty J. Thompson
Bruce C. Urbanc, D.O.*
Tony L. Wolf
Dave Wolters
Robert L. Zielsdorf
Robert K. Zimmerman, Ph. D. 

For more information please contact Karla Young, Executive Director, at (937) 498-5572,  or Jenny Huelskamp, Foundation Marketing Liaison, at (937) 498-5540.